The entire Memorandum of Agreement is here, but it has also been broken up into sections in the blog. Please read and comment below those sections.

PROSE Schools -Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence

Proposed: 19. PROGRESSIVE REDESIGN OPPORTUNITY SCHOOLS FOR EXCELLENCE (PROSE) Amend all UFT-BOE Collective Bargaining Agreements to add: 1. Mission a. To achieve success and outstanding results through a truly collaborative environment for all schools at all levels among the key stakeholders responsible for educating New York City’s schoolchildren – teachers and other school-based staff, principals, […]

Salary Schedule

Salary Schedules for Proposed 2009-2018 Contract Teachers Adult education Guidance Counselors Lab Specialists Nurses Paraprofessionals School Psychologist & Social Workers School Secretaries Other rates Other titles

Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR)

As of 5/1/14 the proposed contract states: 16. ABSENT TEACHER RESERVE For purposes of this agreement, ATRs shall be defined as all UFT-represented school based titles in excess after the first day of school, except paraprofessionals and occupational and physical therapists. Severance Program The employer shall offer a voluntary severance benefit (the “Severance Program”) to […]

Disciplined for Authorized Absences

12. DISCIPLINE FOR AUTHORIZED ABSENCES Amend all UFT-DOE collective bargaining agreements to add the following: No employee shall be disciplined, adversely rated or have any derogatory material placed in his/her file for taking an approved sabbatical for restoration of health, approved unpaid leave for restoration of health or a central DOE approved paid leave. Discipline […]

Retro and Raises

“The teachers and educators in New York City have gone a long time without getting any proper respect,” Mulgrew said. No more, he said. “Teachers now have a fair deal.” Our Pay Raises Money These are the raises that we will get on paper (what the press is reporting): ’09 4% ’10 4% ’11 0% […]

Teacher Leadership Positions

Proposed: 7. TEACHER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS Article 11 of the Teachers’ CBA shall be amended to add the following. In addition, the Section on Teacher Ambassador and applicable parts of the “General” Section shall be added to the CBAs for Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and School Psychologists. The Union and DOE wish to create opportunities for […]

School Psychologists

Proposed: For Side Letter: “This letter shall serve as the DOE’s acknowledgment of Article 23.A.13 of the School Social Workers and Psychologists CBA. School Psychologists will have up to 20 hours of per session work per year available to them with supervisor approval only as to scheduling (which approval shall not be unreasonably denied) in […]


Proposed: 14. NURSES The parties agree that nurses are entitled to a 30-minute uninterrupted lunch period. Nurses in single-nurse schools whose lunch period is interrupted due to a medical emergency shall have their entire 30-minute lunch period rescheduled by their supervisor between the hours of 11:30 and 2:30. Should a nurse not be able to […]

Return From Leave of Absence

13. RETURN FROM LEAVE OF ABSENCE Amend Article 16E of the Teachers’ CBA to add a new subsection 3: Commencing with the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, employees on leaves of absence, for one school year or semester, through the end of the school year, must notify the DOE’s Chief Executive Officer of the […]

Sick Days for Ill Family Members

Proposed: 11. USE OF SICK DAYS FOR ILL FAMILY MEMBERS Revise Article 16(A)(11) of the Teachers’ collective bargaining agreement and corresponding provisions of other UFT-DOE collective bargaining agreements to provide that employees will be allowed to use up to three (3) sick days per year for the care of ill family members.

Work Day

As of 5/1/14 5PM there appears to be changes to extended day: I. SINGLE SESSION SCHOOL Article 6 of the Teachers’ CBA shall be amended to add the following: Detailed below are the terms for a one (1) year pilot to occur during the 2014-2015 school year only. Should the parties wish to continue this […]

Teacher Evaluations

RELATED: May 2013 Teacher Evaluation proposals by DOE and UFT 6. TEACHER EVALUATION/PEER VALIDATOR Article 8J of the Teachers’ CBA shall be amended to include the following: The Board (DOE) and UFT agree that the following, subject to approval by the Commissioner of Education, represents the Parties APPR Plan as required by Education Law § 3012-c. […]


Givebacks is a Trade union term for the reduction or elimination of previously won benefits. This post will list any proposed givebacks when they are shared with us. It is imperative that members think long and hard about the status of their current work conditions and benefits and vote accordingly. Proposed Givebacks: As of 5/1/14 5PM […]

Your Benefits

Proposed: NYC Projected Health Savings y Potential Program Changes- Description and Effective Date   1.    DEVA{effective 1011114) Savings  estimate  of $1OOM based on dependents at a savings of $2,000 per dependent. Savings  are based on premium  reductions (20,443 family contracts moving  to individual). Average savings per contract  converted to individual  (from family) $8,546.   2.     Equalization (effective  7/l/14) There would be no payment  for FY ’15  but the FY ’14  payment  would still be made in May 2015. Eliminates payment  equal  to difference between  the HIP HMO premium  rates and the CBP (GHI/Empire) rates for the CBP enrollment. Eliminate  all future payments to Stabilization Fund- for example dividends will not go to SF. Does not apply to Medicare  enrollees. Current obligations from stabilization fund  would continue to be met through  FY’18  (est $200  mil/year).   3.    Self-Fund  (step  I  effective  1/l/15, step 2 effective  7/l/15) Assuming  that a change  in funding  for GHI/Empire and to HlP HMO plans will require an RFP process, the change to self-funding’for.the’I>PO and  HMO plans will be combined  with the RFP process to market all plans and become effective 7/i/15.. The HMO plan will need to become an EPO plan. In the interim, there will be a change  to minimum  premium  method  on the GHI CBP plan effective  7/l/14. Currently, the Welfare  Fu”nds s.s::lf-fund their prescription drugs and other health benefits  through  the Welfare Funds, and’the elf-funded PICA program  are co-administered with the unions. Assets will be set aside to fund  Incurred-But-Not-Reported (IBNR)  claims and therefore,  there will be no un-funded  liability. Union concerns re ability to pay extraordinarily large claims  will be addressed. There will be an annual  allocation/budgetary review.   4. Market all plans (including HIP HMO) (New plans effective 7/1/15 Release RFP 7/1/14 Applies to all plans currently  available to Actives and Pre-65 Retirees Process will include an effort to minimize  member disruption (i.e., members  whose  PCP is not in the new network). The City has the right to contract. Regular market checks  and required  RPFs every 3 to 5 years.       5.     Medicare  to Medicare  Advantage {effective 1/l/16) Members covered  by GHI Senior  Care (or another  Medicare  wrap-around plan) will be converted  to a Medicare  Advantage Plan. […]

Sexual Misconduct

Proposed 8. SEXUAL MISCONDUCT The parties agree to revise the definition of sexual misconduct in Article 21 of the collective bargaining agreement covering teachers and corresponding articles of other UFT-BOE collective bargaining agreements as follows: DEFINITIONS For purposes of this subdivision “student” shall mean a student or any minor. Sexual Misconduct, as used herein, shall […]

Lesson Plans

Article 8 E. Lesson Plan Format The development of lesson plans by and for the use of the teacher is a professional responsibility vital to effective teaching.  The organization, format, notation and other physical aspects of the lesson plan are appropriately within the discretion of each teacher. A principal or supervisor may suggest, but not […]

Excessive Paper Work

As of 5/1/14 the proposal states: Article 7R of the collective bargaining agreement covering teachers shall be amended to add the following: Curriculum The Board of Education (DOE) agrees to provide teachers with either a year-long or semester long Curriculum that is aligned with State Standards in all Core Subjects. Curriculum is defined as: a) […]

Disciplinary Letters to File (NO CHANGE)

There is no proposed change to grieving disciplinary files.   However the proposal states: 18. ARBITRATION DATES Article 22C of the Teachers’ CBA and corresponding Articles of the other UFT-BOE CBAs shall be amended to add the following: The total number of arbitration dates shall be increased from 175 to 200 dates per year.